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Number Ad Name Introduction Specification(px) Schematic diagram Price($/week) Order
A20  Home Banner Home Big Banner 681 x 150 600usd Order
A35  Homepage Exhibit Ad1 Homepage Exhibit Ad1 175 x 75 80usd Order
A5  Homepage Exhibit Ad2 Homepage Exhibit Ad2 175 x 75 80usd Order
A26  Homepage Products Recommend Ad Products Recommend Ad 106 x 106 100usd Order
A4  Homepage Companies Recommended Home Recommended 250 x 50 100usd Order
A3  Selling Keywords Rank keyword search 480 x 130 150usd Order
A28  Company Right Ad Company Right Ad 180 x 320 600usd Order
A15  Company Top Ad Company Top Ad 198 x 148 600usd Order
A27  Buyer Right Ad Buyer Right Ad 180 x 320 100usd Order
A42  3A会员banner 1075 x 175 No picture! Negotiable Order
A41  首页右侧exhibit 广告 285 x 291 No picture! Negotiable Order
A38  Home banner2 Home banner2 681 x 150 No picture! Negotiable Order
A36  Homepage Exhibit Ad3 175 x 75 Negotiable Order